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Manuck, Kaplan, Adams, and Clarkson (1988) report a series of studies investigating behavioral influences on coronary artery disease in monkeys. In one study, they examined the effects of a psychosocial manipulation (periodic group reorganization) on the development of atherosclerosis in animals of dominant or subordinate social status. (Manuck, S. B., Kaplan, J. R., Adams, M. R., & Clarkson, T. B. (1988). Studies of psychosocial influences on coronary artery atherogenesis in cynomolgus monkeys. Health Psychology, 7,113-124.) In one condition (“unstable”), animals are redistributed every 1 to 3 months into new social groups. In the other condition (“stable”), animals remain in the same social group throughout the course of the investigation. The following data are modeled after data reported by Manuck and colleagues (1988): The above scores reflect coronary intimal area measurements (in mm2 ); higher scores indicate greater disease, a. Test the significance of the condition main effect, the status main effect, and the condition-by status interaction. b. Based on your answer to part a, what follow-up tests should be performed here? Should cell means or marginal means be compared? c. Test the simple effect of condition within each level of status, maintaining apw at .05 for condition effects. d. Test the simple effect of status within each level of condition, maintaining apw at .05 for status effects. e. Test the difference between the dominant unstable cell and the average of the other three cells. f. What percentage of the between cells sum of squares does each of the contrasts you tested in parts c through e account for? What does this tell you about (defined in terms of 5SBetween) for each of these contrasts? g. Which contrast of all those you tested in Parts c-e has the property that its coefficients best match the pattern of cell means? What implications does this have for interpreting the results of this study? Explain your answer. . . The post What percentage of the between cells sum of squares does each of the contrasts you tested in parts c through e account for? appeared first on Brainy Term Papers.


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