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Also watch the two short videos on Degas and Ukiyo-e Prints Posted on the Moodle page Using the information in the textbook and the Youtube videos and the PowerPoint of Images for questions 2, 3, and 5, answer the following questions:From viewing the video advertising the exhibition, Degas and the Ballet, Picturing Movement, at the Royal Academy of Arts, London. a. Why was Degas interested in drawing, painting and sculpting ballet dancers? b. How was his approach to depicting ballet and ballet dancers related to the up-to-date trends in photography?a. What is the meaning of the terms ukiyo-e? b. What were the popular subjects of Japanese woodblock prints? c. Who bought and collected Japanese prints in Japan? and outside Japan? d. What is the origin of the term manga?Using the textbook, and the images on the PowerPoint posted on the moodle page, answer the following questions about the change in Van Gogh’s painting style and his use of color and brushwork. a. How does van Gogh convey the mood of scene of the peasants eating their evening meal in his early work, The Potato Eaters? What Baroque painter do you think he admired? b. What did van Gogh learn about shape and color from copying Japanese prints? c. How does van Gogh use what he learned about color in his painting, Night Cafe? d. What does van Gogh say about his use of color and what he wanted to communicate about the Night Cafe in his letter to his brother Theo?


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