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   BO6201 Assignment Briefing (level 6)   Q1. You have recently been promoted to HR Director in the company which manufactures and sells the optical instruments. Being very hi-tech, the instruments have until now been made in London by the company’s skilled team. Your employer has just purchased a factory in Argentina for the manufacture of optical instruments that have been selling well in the USA. There is a budget for three expatriate managers to be sent to Argentina for four years. The CEO has asked you to nominate the job title for three expatriates and to suggest what skills each of the three expatriates should have and what preparation is needed to prepare them for the assignment. Credit will be given for examples and research. (500 words) Q2. A multi-national company headquartered in Mumbai, India is a relatively new entrant to highly competitive automobile industry. The CEO of this company now plans to build a new manufacturing factory to produce a newly developed car after years of R&D efforts. Assuming yourself to be the CEO of the company, explain and justify your decision on where to locate this factory. Please note that the potential candidates for the location are the UK, the Czech Republic, and Spain. You also bear in mind that your target market is the European Union only. The choice of location should be fully supported by comparative analyses between the candidates. (500 words) Q3. China has maintained its superpower of manufacturing in ‘general merchandise’ over the last couple of decades in the world economy. However, it has been expected by some analysts that China might lose its position in the forthcoming years. Which country, do you think, would be the next nation to take over China’s position and why? You should choose one nation only and provide your argument for your choice in your answer. (500 words) Q4. Choose a branded product (For example – Walkers’ Crisps, Dyson’s Vacuum Cleaner) that is widely marketed in the UK at the moment but not yet available in Japan and discuss which elements of the marketing mix that you think are important to keep fairly standard and those it may be necessary to adapt when marketing that product in Japan. Give reasons for each of your decisions. (500 words)   Allocation of Marks


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