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Question 1. 1. The Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973: (Points : 1)is no longer in useis another name for the ADAcovers the federal governmentwas declared illegal by the Supreme CourtQuestion 2. 2. Which of the following is NOT part of the GRE? (Points : 1)analyticscientificquantitativeverbalQuestion 3. 3. A test asking questions about sexual orientation or belief in God might be illegal due to: (Points : 1)invasion of privacyadverse impact tort lawlow reliabilityQuestion 4. 4. A supervisor offering a promotion in exchange for sex would fall under the ____ form of sexual harassment. (Points : 1)BFOQquid pro quosine quo nonhostile environmentQuestion 5. 5. Which of the following will increase the response rates to mailed surveys? (Points : 1)Include a monetary incentiveKeep the survey under 4 pagesHave a university sponsor the surveyAll will increase response ratesQuestion 6. 6. To ensure that subjects are participating in a study of their own free will, researchers must obtain: (Points : 1)permission from the APAa writ of mandamus from the participantinformed consent from the participanta valid control groupQuestion 7. 7. If you used an email survey, your results would be representative of the population in terms of: (Points : 1)sexraceboth sex and raceneither sex nor raceQuestion 8. 8. Which of the following would be considered sexual harassment? ____ asking a(n) ____ coworker for a date. (Points : 1)Once / interestedRepeatedly / interestedOnce / disinterestedRepeatedly / disinterestedQuestion 9. 9. If ____ White applicants and ____ Black applicants were hired, adverse impact would occur? (Points : 1)35 of 50 / 12 of 2015 of 50 / 2 of 2512 of 24 / 11 of 2512 of 20 / 35 of 50Question 10. 10. The ____ Amendment is most concerned with privacy issues. (Points : 1)4th5th14th2ndQuestion 11. 11. For adverse impact to occur, the minority selection ratio must be less than ____ percent of the majority selection ratio. (Points : 1)50308075Question 12. 12. The courts have clearly ruled that a customer’s satisfaction and/or preference ____ used to determine if a job requirement is a BFOQ. (Points : 1)should bemust becannot bethe courts haven’t ruled on this issueQuestion 13. 13. In which of the following ADR methods does a neutral third-party make a decision that both sides must abide by? (Points : 1)Binding arbitrationNonbinding arbitrationMediationNegotiationQuestion 14. 14. Which of the following survey methods has the lowest response rate? (Points : 1)InterviewEmailMailThe three have equal response ratesQuestion 15. 15. I/O psychologists who are involved in ____ study and practice in such areas as employee selection, job analysis, and job evaluation. (Points : 1)personnel psychologyorganizational psychologytraining and developmenthuman factorsQuestion 16. 16. Organizations have affirmative action plans for one of four reasons. Which of the following is NOT one of the four reasons? (Points : 1)Labor union agreementDesire to be a good citizenCourt orderConsent decreeQuestion 17. 17. Which of the affirmative action strategies would involve an employer changing the company policy or the way an organization is decorated? (Points : 1)Identification of discriminatory practicesPreferential hiring and promotion of minoritiesRecruitment of minority applicantsRecruiting through employee referralsQuestion 18. 18. If I went through my employee files to determine what type of person makes the best employee, I would probably be conducting: (Points : 1)archival researcha meta-analysisa field studyan experimentQuestion 19. 19. In order for a case of discrimination to be heard by the courts, the complaint must be filed within ____ days of the discriminatory act. (Points : 1)120140160180Question 20. 20. In the past few years, about ____ discrimination complaints were filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (Points : 1)75,000180,00095010,000Question 21. 21. AT&G does not have any female employees. Ann Smith applied for a job as a machine operator. Though she did not obtain the minimum score of 40 on the machine operator test, AT&G plans to hire her as part of their new affirmative action plan. There are 10 men who passed the test who did not get hired. Is this legal? (Points : 1)No, an applicant must be qualified to be given preference based on gender or raceNo, preference is never allowedYes, because AT&G has no women employees, they can do thisYes, because they are only changing their rules for one person, this would be a reasonable planQuestion 22. 22. There are several affirmative action strategies an employer could use. If an employer advertised in magazines and newspapers with a minority readership, it would be using which of the following strategies? (Points : 1)Identification of discriminatory practicesPreferential hiring and promotion of minoritiesRecruitment of minority applicantsRecruiting through employee referralsQuestion 23. 23. “English only” requirements at work are: (Points : 1)always illegalalways legalare legal if they are job relatedlegal if most of employees only speak EnglishQuestion 24. 24. Based on the Civil Rights Acts of 1866, 1964, and 1991 as well as the 14th Amendment, it is illegal to discriminate against a person based on race. According to Congress, all of the following are protected races except: (Points : 1)African AmericansAsian AmericansNative American Indiansall three of these are protected racesQuestion 25. 25. Unlike the Fourteenth Amendment, for an employment practice to be potentially illegal under the Civil Rights Act, the discrimination does not have to: (Points : 1)be continuousbe intentionaleffect large groupsshow past discriminationQuestion 26. 26. Nagy Industries is considering reserving the best parking spots for employees who are 7 months pregnant. Is this legal? (Points : 1)No, giving preference would violate the Pregnancy Discrimination ActNo, pregnancy can not be treated better than other short term disabilitiesYes, pregnancy can be treated better than other short term disabilitiesYes, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act requires companies to provide accommodationsQuestion 27. 27. The EEOC usually handles alleged violations of: (Points : 1)state lawsfederal lawscounty lawsnone of theseQuestion 28. 28. Asking a coworker out on a date is sexual harassment if: (Points : 1)he/she is not interestedthe request is made several timesboth options must occureither of the two options occursQuestion 29. 29. Which of the following is not an important factor in filing a complaint of age discrimination? (Points : 1)you are at least 40a younger person was hired to replace youyou were a good employeeall three are important factorsQuestion 30. 30. Hypotheses are based on: (Points : 1)previous researchlogictheoriesall three of these


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