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Air PollutionThrough the history, human activities have resulted in a lot of contaminations that affects the earth and everything in it. One of the principal and major sources of contamination by the actions of humans is air pollution, which has been increasing since the industrial growth across the country and the world. But this is not the only cause of air pollution, the burn of fossil fuels, and the use of chemicals by households and farmers are also responsible of this problem. As air pollution is located in the fourth position of premature deaths worldwide, organizations and government has being working for a solution. With this being said, governments and organizations have been limiting the pollutants in the air with regulations that comes with pros like less pollution in the air, and cons like reducing jobs. In this paper, it is intended to address the following:· The causes and effect of the air pollution.· How organizations such as EPA in conjunction with some governments are treating this issue.· Who are affected by air pollution.As these points are going to be address, this paper will present how this issue is affecting the economy of both rich and poor countries. Also, it will be shown data that supports the increasing rate, mortality rate, and economic cost of the air pollution.


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