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Working With Inferential Statistics
Type of Service
Urgency 12 to 15 hours. 
No. of Pages/Wordcount
2 page(s)/ Approx.276 to 550 Words
Style APA Style
Destailed Description Directions:
Open SPSS and complete the following:
SPSS Output
Open SPSS and obtain an output (as in the tutorial videos) with the following results highlighted.
Have children exposed to movies created before 1980 caused more injuries than children exposed to movies after 1980?
Which group has caused more injuries: children exposed to movies created between 1937-1960, children exposed to movies created between 1961-1989, or children exposed to movies created between 1990-1999?
Determine the statistics using a one-tailed t-test (for question 1) and ANOVA (for question 2). Be sure to describe how you ensured that the assumptions for each test were met prior to doing the one-tailed t-test and ANOVA. Justify your choice with references. 
Data Set:
“Data Set: Violence, Children, and Movies” is provided as a Topic Material.
Write a summary of your results and how this statistical analysis may be applied to your prospectus. Use the “Working With Inferential Statistics Template” to present your data and embed the table in your paper. Include your SPSS output as an appendix in the paper.


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