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Write 2 page essay on the topic Citizenship Curriculum Guidelines Changed the Methods of Teaching Citizenship in English Secondary Schools.Download file to see previous pagesAs the report declares the active elements of teaching Citizenship usually engage pupils that are more difficult and if these elements were introduced into other mainstream lessons they could contribute to pupils engaging with learning, leading to less exclusion, less negative incidents improved attendance and improved classroom behaviour. The text of the current literature in Wright’s Teaching citizenship in the Secondary School supports student teachers, NQTs and practitioners in implementing the Citizenship Order in secondary schools – to be introduced in September 2002.This paper stresses that other changes in curriculum plans include providing further support for teachers. Recent efforts have been put forth to provide support for teachers in developing levels of religious and theological literacy, both of individual pupils and the society as a whole. It suggests tasks, activities and further reading designed to enhance the experiences of teachers. Resources are a factor that have been addressed in curriculum guidelines in the past and are a concern for the future. Tudor’s book is founded on the new curriculum for citizenship and the issues that arise from these changes. The book provides practitioners in secondary schools with the essential tools needed to teach citizenship. Tudor provides an overview of the citizenship order and gives guidance on how to fulfill its three main elements: social and moral responsibility, community involvement, and political literacy.


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