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Write 2 page essay on the topic Geography of Bliss.Download file to see previous pagesThe chapter, ‘India: Happiness is a contradiction’ in the book, Geography of Bliss, is highly absorbing recount of NPR journalist, Eric Weiner’s search for happiness in India. The author was confused that despite poverty and lack of amenities, foreigners across the world are drawn towards India and keep coming back. So the author also jumps at the opportunity to work here and search for happiness. He wanted to unravel the mystery that attracts people to this land of spiritualism and Gurus. He talks about his experience in the ashram of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a renowned guru and his stay in 1 Shanti Road. His account of his stay in both the places largely focuses on happiness. While the ashram is significant in its environment of peace that calms the mind and senses, the cacophony of sound in the Shanti Road also gives glimpse of happiness. When he says that Shanti Road could possibly be another ashram, he is not far from the truth!Ashram is secluded from the mad rush of the city life and embodies peace. It is a place where a person can be at peace with himself and nature. He is not overtly impressed by the meditation techniques and the routine of the ashram that had forbidden him to take any tea or coffee.


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