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Write 5 page essay on the topic Examining Burnout Among Nurses and its Relation to Turnover Rates.Download file to see previous pagesThis research paper focuses mostly on the issue of widespread shortage of nurses, that has increased the need to maximize employee retention in the medical industry. The experience of occupational burnout has been consistently linked with nursing turnover rates, and has accordingly drawn additional attention in the field. The researcher states that burnout is observable on an international level today and has been linked to negative job outcomes as well as reduced patient safety. The essay explains why occurrence of burnout among nurses requires appropriate treatments these days. It is also discussed in the research paper why nursing turnover rates are consistently linked with job dissatisfaction in many pieces of researches provided. Accordingly, numerous potential causes of this discontent have become the focus of more recent experiments. Occupational burnout has been identified as a major contributor to nursing turnover. It is also mentioned that burnout can act as a mediator in the relationship between stressors and job outcomes, and this relationship has proven to be consistent across several nations. The influence of a nurse’s working environment is significant in the experience of burnout, and the syndrome can affect the insurance of patient safety. It is then concluded by the researcher that these findings point to the need to control and reduce the occurrence of occupational burnout in nursing populations, and the results may be used to develop treatments through further research.


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