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Write 6 page essay on the topic Problems In Adulthood.Download file to see previous pagesFrom this discussion it is clear that the problem between generations is one which is immemorial. “No generation has a complete grip on the imagination and work of the next one, not mine and not your parents’, not if you refuse to let it be so.” Today’s seniors have a set of principles which was once considered to be the basis for human existence. However, these ideals are constantly changing, so that these principles are no longer fundamental. New ideas are constantly taking the place of old ones. This is sometimes seen as a detriment for seniors, as they cannot accept the new ideals of the younger generation.&nbsp. In order for there to be a functioning society, there should be a balance between old and new principles. However, this balance has been elusive.This research highlights that&nbsp.the problem between competing ideals of different generations is not new.&nbsp. It has existed since time immemorial. It can be seen on the micro level in families, as the elder wants to instruct the children on what is best. The children, for their part, want independence from their parents, and want to show that they can make it in life without the support of their parents.&nbsp. This gap is widening, not narrowing, as the culture rapidly changes and the economy becomes more global and complex. The younger set changes because they are influenced by the world around them.&nbsp.The generation gap is made worse by the fact that the parents are increasingly more into earning money than talking with their children.


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