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Write 6 page essay on the topic Reversible heart failure and inflammation.Download file to see previous pagesIn chronic users, the response of heart is better as compared to those who take high volumes in shorter intervals. Direct effect of alcohol on heart is myocardial depression that results in diastolic dilatation, which manifests itself as, delayed or prolonged relaxation. The exact mechanism for these findings still needs to be explored.Another change in the cardiac anatomy and eventually in physiology is cardiomyopathy. For the alcoholic cardiomyopathy, it has been suggested that there is accumulation of triglycerides, which may alter the transport of various ions across the membrane. Calcium is an important ion in the contractility of heart muscle but in alcoholic cardiomyopathy its movement is disturbed. moreover, the Na/K ATPase is also inhibited in this type of cardiomyopathy.The mechanism of alcoholic and idiopathic cardiomyopathies has been found to be different. S survival analysis was carried out to compare the survival of the patients of these two types of cardiomyopathies. The response of patients was different and patients with alcoholic cardiomyopathy were found to be with better prognosis as compared to the other group. These findings suggest a different mechanism operating for the two types of conditions. The hallmark in the treatment of alcoholic cardiomyopathy is the cessation of alcoholic intake at a certain period when with the support of drugs the situation can be reverted. if alcoholic intake continues in specific quantities for a specific period of time then it may not revert to the normal function even after the abstinence of alcohol.2. Cardiomyopathy secondary to tachycardia is a well known situation which results in chronic cardiomyopathy and presents with symptoms of heart failure. In this condition systolic function is compromised. If the tachycardia is controlled effectively then the heart failure is also controlled in majority of the cases (ref). There are multiple examples in the literature presented as case studies, like: an old man developed cardiomyopathy as a result of tachycardia with focus in tricuspid annulus. The arrhythmia was controlled with intervention on the tricuspid valve which resulted in the improvement of tachycardia and eventually the myocardial functions (ref).This situation may involve children also. An infant presented with persistent tachycardia, alongwith heart failure, due to posteroseptal pathway. Her problem as managed by surgical ablation and she recovered with no more persisting problem either related to tachycardia or heart failure (ref).3. Hyperthyroidism/Thyrotoxicosis and heart failureReversible heart failure has been associated with thyrotoxicosis as a rare but established fact. It is presented as low output congestive heart failure with dilated cardiomyopathy. the condition improves to normal by treating thyroid problem with antithyroid drugs.Thyrotoxicosis results in tachycardia alongwith other manifestations. This tachycardia in the form of atrial fibrillation results in dilated cardiomyopathy and eventually heart failure. The mechanism is similar to tachycardia induced heart failure due to any reason.


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