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ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW (READ THE GRADING RUBRIC FIRST) MUST BE INCLUDED ALL THE POINTS IN GRADING RUBRIC.The success of this documents, ones you will inevitably need to prepare throughout the course of your professional life, hinges largely on presentation. You can have impeccable qualifications, including years of experience, but if your application letter is riddled with errors and haphazardly organized, potential employers will inevitably pass you over.To get started, locate a job opening you would like to apply for. (A JOB ABOUT EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT) Include a link to the opening when you submit your assignment.In terms of format, the application letter shares much in common with the proposal letter you just wrote. You’ll find a variation on this organizational structure on the first page of the Job Application section of the textbook. Carefully read the samples that follow.NOTE 1: This time, use modified block format (modeled on page 166) for your letter· the application letter be organized 4 Paragraphs· Introduction· Education· Employment· ConclusionEXAMPLE: FOLLOW THIS FORMAT MODIFIED BLOCK FORMAT GRADING CRITERIAApplication Letter


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