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PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY Purpose: To write a response to Gloria Anzaldua’s “How to Tame a Wild Tongue,” a chapter in her book Borderlands/La Frontera. In your response, you should engage in conversation with the chapter by stating a thesis that answers the question below and supporting the thesis by referring to the chapter (use quotes) as well as your own thoughts and experiences. You should also refer (use quotes) to the teacher-scholars from the academic Web blog on the English debate we read for class. For your response, answer answer the question below: Anzaldua writes, “Until I am free to write bilingually and to switch codes without having always to translate . . . as long as I have to accommodate the English speaker rather than having them accommodate me, my tongue will be illegitimate” (30). Should US college writing teachers allow students to write essays that contain languages and/or dialects other than “standard academic English”? Why or why not? Audience: Your classmates and teacher. Because you know that your readers have also read the chapter to which you are responding, you should not summarize it, nor should you try to address every point made in the chapter. Instead, your response should clearly state a thesis and support the thesis with supporting paragraphs. Your response should include the following: Title: Include an interesting title that grabs readers’ attention and provides some information about your topic Introduction Grab the readers’ attention with a “hook.” Introduce your topic and your provided sources. State a direct, controversial thesis at the end of the introduction. Body Paragraphs Support your thesis with supporting points and details that illustrate your supporting points. Each body paragraph should contain a topicsentence, supporting sentences, and a conclusion sentence. Each body paragraph should cite relevant evidence from Anzaldua’s chapter, your own experience, and the English Debate source. One of the major challenges of this assignment is to create a unified paragraph, which means that everything you discuss must be related, so don’t force together totally different quotes from sources. Each body paragraph should include at least two quotes (but no more than three quotes) from the provided sources, one for your own claim and one for your counter-argument. Make sure that the quotes are properly integrated and cited in MLA style. Each body paragraph should acknowledge and respond to possible counterarguments. Analyze evidence (quotes, for example) from the provided sources and your own experience in a way that connects it to the thesis. Conclusion Restate your main point “Look to the future” by commenting on the future significance of your argument. Don’t introduce new information. #essay question# Should US college writing teachers allow students to write essays that contain languages and/or dialects other than “standard academic English”? Why or why not? PLEASE read instructions carefully, last time I didn’t get good work because writer ignored instructions and did it as he like #What I want# – I want you to write the paper as if you don’t agree with what’s said in the question -write a thesis statement stating 3 reasons why you don’t agree with the question, then talk about each point in a paragraph (total= 1 intro-3 body paragraphs- 1 conclusion) ex. I think us colleges should not use other languages than English because of ………..1….-…………2…………-……3……… – I need you to use only these two sources to quote from it. But use a outside source for the intro hook to attract more. I listed one of them in the materials but I couldn’t post the other source due to a problem in my PC so I’m going to put the name of the 2nd source here: 1-Me fail English?that’s unpossible? Multicultural Literacies– by Anthony Forgione & Ariana Radcliffe 2- anzaldua “how to tame a wild tounge? -paraphrase your quotes using Mla style PLEASE AT THE END OF THE PAPER AFTER TH 1- Me Fail English?that mnpossible Multicultural Literacies– by Anthony Forgione & Ariana Radcliffe


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