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AdministrativeChapter 51 Write about a half page, single-spaced, response (no more than 400 words long), discussing this case below, with particular attention to the questions below the scenario. This problem is worth 50% of the value of this assignment, or a max of 15 points out of 30.Scoring rubric for this question: Spelling and Grammar errors (one obvious spelling error may be a typo, two of the same is an error), 2 pts out of the 15. Content, 13 pts out of the 15Formatting: again, single-spaced; separate paragraphs by 12 pts (= to double space); no first-line indent on paragraphs (even if you like to do that, don’t); fully justify your paragraphs (see below for that).The case:Chiao Chen manages IT security for a school. Given the wide range of people who use the school’s computers, it is difficult for Chien to prevent virus attacks. Chien has a reasonably good budget and has installed ant-virus software on every machine. He also has a firewall that has all unneeded ports blocked, and there is a school policy prohibiting the downloading of any software from the Web. Consider the following questions:1 How secure do you think Chien’s network is from virus attacks? Whether you consider his network secure or not, back up your assessment.2 What areas has Chien not secured?3 What recommendations would you make to Chien? (you must make some recommendations)Write your answer here.Chapter 62 Port Scanners other than Nmap/Zenmap. We used Nmap/Zenmap in class. You will use Angry IP Scanner Click on the Download button. Download and install this on your computer.Value of this question – 15 points (the other half of this assignment). Each answer with an arrow is worth one point (9 total – place your answer to the right of the arrow). Each copied and pasted image (2) is worth one point. Your opinion (preference of port scanner and why) is worth 4 points.If you are using Windows, install the 32-64-bit installer.· This downloaded file will be named ipscan-3.5.3-setupIf you are using Mac, download the zip file, follow the instructions to install.It may not install on your desktop, it may install so that you run it from your Start Menu in Windows.Run the Angry IP Scanner. The IP range may contain lower and upper IP addresses from a Network Address Translated (NAT) address that begins with 192.168. Change this to an IP range from In this case, you want the lower range to be to Click Start.What was the total time?What is the average time per host?How many hosts are alive?Go to the host that we used in class (you’re going to have to look at the IP address we used in Lab 5). Click on it. Then click on the Command drop-down. Click on Open, which opens up a new drop-down menu. You will work from this.· Open up Web Browser. Copy and paste the image of this web page at the end of this document.· Open up Trace Route. Copy and paste the image of this command screen at the end of this document (it might take a few seconds for the Trace Route to complete). Answer this – how many hops did it take you to get to their site?· Open up Geo Locate. Answer the following questions:· What is the Organization?· What is the City?· What is the Zip Code?· What is the Latitude (North)?· What is the Longitude (West)?Answer this (give some good reasons): do you prefer AngryIP or Nmap/Zenmap to perform port scanning and why? Your answer should be more than 20 words and no more than 200 words.


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