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A company that does express mail service has advertised an opportunity for a cashier/front desk clerk. A potential candidate comes in to apply for the job and has 10 years of experience doing the same job tasks as advertised in the job for the express mail service company. The company received and reviewed his application and made the decision to interview the candidate. A company representative made a call to the potential candidate to inquire about his availability to interview for the job. When the representative called she was made aware of the fact that the employee was excited to hear the company was interested. She also learned that the candidate was deaf. She went back and reported this information to her boss. Together they made the decision to go through with the interview but had concluded that they were not going to hire the candidate because he could not hear. The interview happens as scheduled. Several days later the candidate receives a letter thanking him for taking the time to interview, but the company decided to pursue other candidates whose skill set more closely aligned to their needs. A week later the deaf candidate noticed that the company reposted the same position. This candidate also went into the employers work site and noticed that the help wanted sign was still up. The candidate felt like the company discriminated against him because he was deaf.


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