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In this assignment, you will develop a mock scenario of a group interaction and how you as a consultant would facilitate the group. Imagine that you are consulting for the Nursing Services Department in a major hospital. The nurses are concerned about the increase of violence against them. One nurse was attacked in the parking lot and others report anger and aggression directed toward them from patients who are either delusional due to pain killing drugs or who disagree with their treatment plans. The head of Nursing Services is concerned but feels that she lacks sufficient support from administration to increase security. The meeting is attended by fifteen nurses, the Nursing Services Director, and a representative from the Human Resources Department. Create a scenario in which you would facilitate such a meeting with this group. Write the dialogue between the nurses and the consultant. Then, analyze the process according to proper group skills and rate the consultant. You may add problem solving to the scenario if you wish. Support your analysis of group process skills with at least three articles published in peer reviewed journals in the past five years. Length: 5-7 pages . . The post Write the dialogue between the nurses and the consultant. appeared first on Brainy Term Papers.


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