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Info Tool III (Social Marketing)
Using Social Blade and other online resources, compare and contrast two influential influencers. You choose two platforms. 
What are they selling?
What is their mission/goal?
What is the total count of their video views?
How much money do they make from their Youtube videos?Daily?
How many subscribers do each have?
Do they partner with brands to advertise merch?
How many subscribers do they average in a day?
What are their monthly views?
What are their monthly subscriptions?
How often do they post?Days per Week
What age is their target audience?
What gender is their target audience?
What type of lifestyle does their target audience have?
Once you’ve completed the first part of the assignment, please answer these questions.
Does knowing this information about influencers a company make a decision on which influencer to sponsor or have promote their products? 
What would impact a company’s decision to have an influencer promote its products?
Do you think “Cancel Culture” plays into the rise and fall of influencers? Why or Why not?
REQUIREMENTS: You will produce a detailed report of several pages answering these questions and citing your sources.


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