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his assignment asks you to look at two budget methodologies fixed and flexible. You are asked to focus your discussion on two types of operational budgets and then compare them to the identified criteria. Lastly you are asked to present an example of how one budget type would be used by the masters prepared nurse leader in a health care setting of your choice. Keep the APA scholarly paper within a 6 page limit (excluding title page and reference list). An abstract page is not required for this assignment. Budget Types/Methodologies (20%) A. Compare the fixed operating budget approach to the flexible operating budget approach as outlined in your text book and readings. B. Describe these two budget methodologies. Include enough detail for the reader to follow and understand the methodology. Comparison: (40%) Construct a table and compare the 2 types of budget methodologies in the following categories: A. Advantages and disadvantages to the nurse leader in monitoring compliance B. Operations best suited to each type of budget C. Impact on the correlation to patient care D. Ability to take variances into account Example of Budget (20%): A. Choose one of the budget types you have described. B. Present an example of how this budget type would be used by the masters prepared nurse leader in a health care setting of your choice. C. The setting can be a community or inpatient environment where you work have worked or would like to work as a masters prepared nurse leader. Integration of Evidence and Theory 10% A. Integrate credible relevant sources to support ideas appropriate for the assignment. B. Consistently use information in ways that are true to original context. Always distinguish between own ideas or common knowledge and ideas requiring attribution. C. Scholarly articles integrated within the paper meet the following standards: Provide the required number of references (minimum of 6) Most nursing-specific or nursing-related


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