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Complete the following assignment STRICTLY ADHERING to the below listed instruction, and using APA format.Complete an incident command case study by investigating a past disaster event for practical lessons learned. You may use any catastrophic disaster or incident response that has required the collaborative use of local, state, and federal resources. In your case study, you must address the following items at a minimum:  Identify a brief overview of the incident, including the agencies involved and the major events of the incidents.  Explain the incident command structure for the event, including providing the ICS chart that was utilized. If the command structure is not clear through your research, develop a suggested ICS chart that could have been used to organize the response. Consider single vs. unified command as well.  Based upon the practical emergency management information you have learned in this course, assess what went well in the response and what went wrong.  Describe the federal resources that were deployed to assist in the response (which emergency support functions were activated?)  What emergency management technologies were utilized in the response? (e.g., radios, incident management software, mapping, etc.)  What lessons were learned from the event that could help improve the national disaster response system? Your final project should be at least five pages in length. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. APA format is requiredC


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