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You will discuss all the research questions and compare and contrast to the literatures/studies. Technique: present the summary of result per research question; then cite at least 2-3 researches/studies that maybe be similar or different tothe results of your study; then last have your own analysis based on comparing or contrasting. do this in all the research questions. 2-chapter of Conclusion, Recommendation, Limitation, and Summary in 3 pages accorrding to following instruction: In Summary This chapterpresents….. Just mention briefly all the research questions .At least one sentence per each finding for all research questions. Then ,Conclusion ..Only present the inferential part Limitations ,Present based on your discussion what limits you- e.g. generalizability of the study? Applicable to a bigger population? Recommendations in following : o Hospital Administration o Nursing Administration o Nursing Education o Nursing Practice o Nursing Research


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